• Please use this site to check for updates on 8th grade student data.
    **Do not contact the feeder districts directly to get information; it has been requested at the district level and your request will only delay our receipt of information.**
    Task Date Started Date Completed/Recieved Remarks
    Request 8th grade info from Jan 12
    Brentwood -
    Byron -
    Knightsen -
    Oakley - received
    Information requested. Brentwood needs info from Zangle, so unsure of how much/quality of info we will receive from them. Byron also on a new SIS this year.
    School sites create new SMS for scheduling. after Jan DP/Reg meeting
    FHS -
    HHS -
    LHS -
    Scheduling can be done in current school year for next year's students; special directions needed.
    Receipt of data from districts
    Brentwood -
    Byron -
    Knightsen -
    Oakley - received
    *While we are waiting for this information, schools can still schedule current 9-11th graders in SMS. Data Techs will receive directions at January DP/Reg meeting.
    Look up addresses to find school of attendance
    as data recieved from districts
    Oakley in progress
    Initially will not reflect any intras. All spreadsheets emailed to admin when completed.
    Import Data into Aeries *Brentwood on Zangle - never imported from that SIS before; may not have the breadth of information normally received from site.
    Import Data into Data Director
    Answer documents for Reading Placement Assessment
    Reading Placement Assessment delivered to 8th grade districts
    Receipt of Reading Placement from Districts
    Scan assessments into Data Director
    Notify APs reading assessments have been entered into Data Director