•  Mr. Reaber (Pronounced "REE-bur")

    English 10 and 11 

    Room E208 

    Extension: 3428*

     email: reabers@luhsd.net

    * Due to social distancing, I will be teaching from home and therefore unavailable at this extension. If you would like to talk to me, please email me to schedule a meeting by phone. 

  • Class Zoom Hours

    Periods 1/5: 8:30-9:30 am

    Periods 2/6: 9:50-10:50 am

    Periods 4/8: 12:50-1:50 pm



    To access these meetings, use the following link or enter the meeting ID using the "Join" button on your Zoom app:

        Mr. Reaber's Zoom Office 

        Meeting ID: 821-284-7660

          Password: 66054

    You will not be allowed in the Zoom meeting if your zoom name is anything other than your First and Last names.

    When you first join the meeting it will place you in a waiting room until I add you to the meeting. This is done to prevent random people from disrupting my classes. If for some reason you are not added to the meeting within 5 minutes please email me. 


    Submitting Work


    All work will be submitted through canvas for your specific class period. Do NOT email me your assignments or pictures of your assignments (I will not grade them). I am anticipating a bit of a learning curve when it comes to submitting work at the begining of the year, so do not stress if you struggle to get you work submitted to the right place initially. This is a new process for us all, and we will learn how to do it the right way together.