Name: Sra. Rodriguez
    Email Address: rodriguezc@luhsd.net
    Subject(s): Spanish 2 and Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1
    Contact me via email 
     Hola estudiantes y padres,

    I would first like to let you that i miss you and hope you are safe. we will begin this week with distant learning I will be here every step of the way. If you need me for any reason I can be contacted via email - rodriguezc@luhsd.net. If you need further assistance with the assignments we can also set up a zoom meeting. 

    If you have not found out by now, the World languages  Spanish 2 and Spanish Speakers 1 has been working together closely to re-adjust the curriculum so that all our classes align. We believe in doing this we are able to ensure success for each of you.  

    1. You will find all of this if you go

    to the school website https://ca01001129.schoolwires.net/freedom

    2. click on the Academic Tab

    3. Click on the world languages icon

    4. Click on Spanish 2 or Spanish Speakers 1 

    Every Monday by 9am there will be a new assignment posted  and the assignments will be due no later than the following  Monday one week from when it was assigned. Please email me if you have any questions to rodriguezc@luhsd.net. 


    I will also be having zooms throughout the week if you have any questions, you are not required not attend but you ask questions there or you can say hello. Again, I want to reassure you that we are all in this together. If for any reason you need to contact me please do not hesitate to do so. I miss you all and hope that you are staying safe during this trying time… and if you are bored practice your Spanish watch appropriate Netflix in Spanish.

    Mrs. Rodriguez