• class of 2026




    All activities, events, and fundraisers are done with the purpose of raising money for the class of 2026's senior ball.

    Social Media:

    Instagram- 2026FHS

    Remind- @FHS2026

     Code- Soph26


    We are also accepting any cash donations that you are willing to contribute to the Class of 2026. Again, this will contribute to any events leading up to Senior Ball in 2026. Cash donations can be made out to the Class of 2026.  Please contact Cheri Watson in the student store for more details on making a donation. All donations are tax-deductible.

  • Class of 2026 Cabinet (2023-2024)

    President: Naomy Milton

    Vice President & Secretary:Alexa Ortega

    Treasurer: Albert Smith




    Reyna Martinez- martinezr@luhsd.net

    David Perez- perezd@luhsd.net

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  • Important Dates:

    • August 11th: Preorders for Class Merchandise Ends
    • August 19th: Carwash Fundraiser
    • August 25th: Panda Express Fundraiser
    • September 11th-15th: Food Sales Fundraiser
    • September 19th: Restaurant Fundraiser
    • September 23rd: Carwash Fundraiser
    • November 30th: C/O 26 Fundraiser
    • February 5th-9th: Food Sales Fundraiser
    • February 15th: C/O 26 Fundraiser
    • March 4th: Parent Night
    • March 12th: Restaurant Fundraiser
    • April 12th: Frosh/Soph Hop Dance
    • May 4th: Carwash Fundraiser
    • May 24th: Restaurant Fundraiser