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    The Liberty Union High School District provides programs and services to students with disabilities.  The specialized instruction and services are targeted to address the unique needs of each child, regardless of the type or severity of the disability.  In the Liberty Union High School District, a general education teacher, special education teacher, related service provider, paraprofessional, or any combination of providers may provide instructional support services. 

    Karen Cortez
    Director, Special Education 
    (925) 634-2166 x2026
    Liz Gray
    Coordinator, Special Education 
    (925) 634-2166 x2055
    Raquel Ardaniel
    Coordinator, Special Education 
    (925) 634-2166 x2068
    Colleen Miller
    Teacher on Special Assignment, Special Education 
    (925) 634-2166 x2069
    Cat Lia
    (925) 634-2166 x2033 
    Tanya Starr
    Transition Specialist
    (925) 634-2166 x2061

    Fax:  (925) 634-3841