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    Ms. Denise Rugani 

    Phone:  925-634-2166, ext. 2025

    Dear Liberty Community,

    Thank you for visiting our web site. We are very proud of the educational program we offer in the Liberty Union High School District. Here are my “Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate the Liberty Union High School District.” It was difficult to come up with only 10 reasons, but here they are:

    10. FACILITIES: Facilities that are clean and well cared for and will improve as we begin our Measure U projects.

    9. CLASSROOM FOCUSED: A healthy budget that focuses over 75% of its expenditures on instruction and instruction related services. In other words, we value the classroom and the teachers instructing in those classrooms.

    8. STRONG COMMUNITY SUPPORT: A supportive community as illustrated by the strong parent booster organizations and the fact that over 60% of the voters supported Liberty Union on Measure U.

    7. PROGRAM CHOICES: Extra and Co-curricular programs that support and enhance the overall campus learning environments.

    6. STUDENT SUPPORT SPECIALISTS: Large number of Student Support personnel on each campus - Assistant Principals, Counselors, Career Center Technicians, School Resource Officers, School Psychologists and Mental Health Therapists.

    5. CLASSIFIED SUPPORT STAFF: A larger than average student-to-classified staff ratio to provide a “live voice” for parent calls.

    4. ELECTIVE COURSES: A wide range of electives that students can choose from, with an A/B block schedule that allows students more opportunities to take those electives.

    3. HIGHER ACADEMIC STANDARDS: Higher Academic Standards – 270 credits required to graduate as opposed to other districts with 240 or less.

    2. EXEMPLARY SCHOOLS: All three comprehensive sites have been named a California Distinguished School, and a Gold Ribbon School at least once. La Paloma was recently deemed a Model Continuation School.

    1. SAFETY: Our schools ARE safe. Hopefully, we can continue to offer the outstanding programs in our district. Please feel free to email me with any concerns or suggestions.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Vanessa Domenici
    Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
    Phone: 925-634-2166 ext. 2025